Toleero ensures that every customer is happy because loyalty is the base of good business.

How it works

The user do not need a user account or any special application, except the reader of QR code, which in most cases, is already installed on smartphones.

The user scans the QR code, and the user is redirected to the Toleero Web site where leaves the feedback.

Since the user or person who leaves the feedback does not need an account, this means that the feedback is completely anonymous and fast.

Hospitality Owners have to open an account in the Toleero application and choose a, download it, and print it out. The flyers need to be placed in a visible place, eg in the middle of the desk.

All feedback is visible only to hospitality owner, through the dashboard, which means it's totally private, and only visible to the owner.

The dashboard contains statistical data that gives insight into the most important user satisfaction data as well as the average rating of the hospitality as well as many other data.


Toleero managed to build an application that leads to improved service and makes customers happier.

People are uncomfortable if they have to leave feedback which is public and available to everyone. It is most often reason that they do not leave a feedback at all.

Toleero works to the satisfaction of the customers and owners.

Using Toleero you can improve your service through feedback from your customers, where the customer quickly and easily leaves feedback by scanning the QR code with the smartphone, which is then forwarded to a Toleero website where he leaves its opinion about the service. The whole process is very simple and does not require an account for the end user, the user is anonymous, and application provides incredibly fast service.

With Toleero you could be informed with the data that you need for improving your services because we know that you seek to be perfect.

The simplicity of use of this application makes us winners in this race.
Your Toleero!


We have made an application that is available to anyone who wants to know more about its business. People who leave feedback are anonymous, and the owners will get an impression of the service that provides.


Do you want openness, do you want better service? Toleero allows you the visibility and efficiency of services.


Speculation is not an option! Maybe your service is top-notch, and maybe not, with Toleero you'll have clear signs of your business.


Gabrijela Ćurić
Gabrijela Ćurić
Content Writer
Stefan Stanić
Stefan Stanić
Lead Developer
Farik Vrce
Farik Vrce
Gabrijel Kajtazi
Gabrijel Kajtazi
Graphic Designer
Nedžad Grizović
Nedžad Grizović
Founder & Front-End Developer

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